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Welcome to the Reproductive Choice TM site.

When I decided the image for antiquated abortion – coat hanger - could 
no longer serve as the instrument that harms women; I worked feverishly, 
as an artist advocate to render a non-violent comprehensive symbol that 
respected a person’s reproductive choices. When I had recognized the 
disparity between the oppressive image of the hanger and the attainment  
of reproductive freedom, I had set out to parse the forms that will have 
solved the social issues gap.  Because action & form were not in step 
with one another the delivery of the words that propelled women to 
action and the delivery of the image that reinforced those words will 
have failed to produce the kind of impact had a unified form between 
image & action been effectively coordinated.  It is therefore my opinion 
that positive change evolves out of mirroring positive rather than 
negative imageries and that images need to mirror content and be in step 
with their times if they are to be effective instruments for social 

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